Re: I'm starting to wonder .... (was Re: National Website in Japan (pressing for an action))

Personally I am starting to wonder how decisions are made, or rather if
they are made. It seems that there is a lot of different opinions on
this and on earlier topics discussed. Could be that it is just me being
a g-h newbie, but to me it seems we discuss things to its death without
any resolutions really being made. 

I think trying to do votes on g-h everything something is suggested will
be more destructive than constructive. The traditional free software way
is relying on a benevolent dictator to have the final say, in this case
I see three candidates for that job. a) being Miguel as the overall
GNOME leader. b) being the GNOME foundation board as the elected
representatives of the gnome contributors and c) being Elliot Lee as the
maintainer of Gnotices.

Personally I would suggest we go with c) since I think that the one
doing the job should be the one deciding what changes should be made.
That is the same principle we follow for all other modules (AFAIK).
The maintainers absolute power is a well established paradigm.

a) is also an option, but I don't really feel the issue is of a
character where the decision made will influence other parts of GNOME,
so such an 'escalation' is not called for. 

Alternative b) I think will just be a way to disempower those doing the
work in question, which is never a good idea when it comes to volunteer

Of course this could just be my ignorance talking, so feel free to
ignore me.


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