Re: National Website in Japan (pressing for an action)

> > I'm inclined to agree. Lets nix the ability to post.
> Why not simply require registration involving a valid e-mail address?

That doesn't solve anything.  There are so many throwaway email accounts
that I can get that I won't even have to monitor.  Yahoo, MSN, and other
portals will allow you to create email accounts with little or no personal
information.  Registration is unrealistic.

> Can you imagine the kind of bad press we'd get if we shut down the
> discussions in Gnotices?

I don't know, I'm willing to risk it.

> I don't see people here agreeing about killing Gnotices. Maybe we
> should run a formal vote on whether to:
> a) continue it unchanged
> b) require registration
> c) instate moderation
> d) both b) and c)
> e) kill it off completely

Stick it on the foundation list.  I think foundation members should decide
not gnome-hackers.


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