Re: National Website in Japan (pressing for an action)

On 01 Jun 2001 20:54:56 -0400, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> Lets get rid of it.  People have been impersonating me on gnotices as
> well, I had someone ask me `Why did you say that?' on e-mail.

I'm inclined to agree. Lets nix the ability to post. I don't think
moderation will cut it, because if I'm perfectly honest it isn't only
trolls that I want to remove from Gnotices. I basically feel like we
shouldn't have to tolerate negative attention of any sort on Gnotices.
If we were receiving lots of positive feedback and encouragement that
would outweigh some negative comments and the whole thing could stay,
but the truth is we really aren't. I've been sort of straddling the
fence on this issue, but the posting at the bottom of the page really
clarified things in my mind. I have no intention of being "held

1) People do not have a god-given right to trash our work on our
homepage. We don't have to give them the knife.

2) I'm uncomfortable censoring Gnotices to the extent that I'd like to,
basically removing anything negative and leaving it as a glowing review

3) Given that people are not spontaneously generating this wonderful
environment (lucky, which is so exhuberant that they almost
go to far the other way!), that I don't feel comfortable creating the
illusion of such, but we don't have to let them express themselves, the
only reasonable option is to shut the thing down altogether.

We should probably make a mailing list, and link to it at the bottom of
the page, "gnotices list" or something that people can use to discuss
stories. We are happy to let people have their discussions, I just don't
think we should have to tolerate what's a largely annoying and degrading
force being so publicly aired from our home. Who gets to make the final
decision here on killing the thing? This seems to be the sort of thing
that if we agree it should be done, somebody should just do it


"Bad News For GNOME Community
by GNOME WATCHER on Friday June 01, @04:46PM
I am afraid that Ximian and Red Hat are lobbying to censor this forum.
The latest discussions on an internal GNOME list is at the conclusion
that either Gnotices should be taken down or comments disabled. This
looks bad for the GNOME community.

So a few people critize a GNOME company which subsequently goes out of
business, and suddenly the GNOME community loses its bulletin board.
Complain and act before it's too late and you don't have a voice."

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