Re: CVS inclusion request

mån 2003-11-17 klockan 03.34 skrev marbj499 student liu se:
> My name is Marcus Bjurman and I'm the author of a gnome based
> file mananger called GNOME Commander[1] which is mostly a clone of
> a very popular file manager for windows called Total Commander[2].
> [1] GNOME Commander:

Does anyone have any objections with GNOME Commander going into GNOME

As far as I can see, it certainly fulfills the requirements of being
gnomey enough dependency-wise. And I know there are many users that
prefer commander-style file managers like this.

The only possible problem I can see is that there are valid questions
with regards to GNOME Commander following the GNOME HIG
(, but as this is only a
request for inclusion into CVS, not GNOME proper, I don't see this as a
valid objection for this request.

Anyone that has any objections?


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