Re: The endless and mostly fruitless GNOME applets debate [contd...]

Glynn Foster wrote:
> Seth Nickell wrote:
> >
> > ?!? Can't we just make each applet its own CVS module like all the other
> > good little programs? Just because I happen to want the "fifteen" applet
> > doesn't mean I want the stripchart applet..
> I was thinking about this....and yeah, it does relieve the pressure on
> maintainers and leads to seperate release schedules...but do we really want
> 30 or 40 new CVS modules with applets? :/ 

At this point it becomes clear (if we want to separate the applets)
that we need a more hierarchic CVS module convention.
There is nothing to prevent me from checking out a subdirectory of
gnome-applets at the moment, but sadly "gnome-applets/fish" does not 
have her own and sources.


>                         Hum, just some thoughts,
>                                 Glynn ;)
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