Re: The endless and mostly fruitless GNOME applets debate [contd...]

On Thu, 2001-09-20 at 07:17, Glynn Foster wrote:
> Okay,
> So we have always reached an impasse in the past about what to do with 
> GNOME applets ie. how to politely say to the author of an applet that 
> it's crap and has no place in the main distribution.

i would be for disbanding gnome-applets in its entirety, and shipping
the applets in separate packages.

some could be shipped together - for example the net/cpu/foo load
moniters could even just ship with gtop, and the multimedia ones could
be in gnome-media (where they belong).

this has numerous advantages:

	* applets are on their own release schedule (and can have stable 	  /
unstable versions regardless of "platform" state)

	* easier to add / remove / obsolete applets

	* no more "i'd like my applet to go into gnome-applets" mails 	  for me

there are some drawbacks:

	a) more overhead for packagers / distros / DIY-ers

	b) more overhead for i18n/doc peoples

for a) i don't think we care much.

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