Re: RTF in the canvas?

On 9 May 2001, Havoc Pennington wrote:


 If all complex features like tables and probably nested lists and even pics
are needed, I would suggest to use html as layout description language - it's
almost as rich as RTF, but humanly readable and may be already
partially supported by existing components like gtkhtml or gecko.

> Miguel de Icaza <miguel ximian com> writes: 
> > You are right.  
> > 
> > It is similar in spirit to what is in there.  Can Pango XML markup
> > allow me to specify any kind of fonts?
> > 
> Sure, it supports a thing like <span font_desc="Helvetica 12">foo</span> 
> where "Helvetica 12" is a Pango font spec which can include all the
> font attributes Pango understands.
> It could be extended further to support more kinds of stuff, it's just
> a matter of what people find out that they need.
> (Hey, it occurs to me it even has docs:
> Havoc

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