Re: gnome-terminal delete/backspace mess

> So, if you want to solve this problem, I think a better way to solve
> it would be a menu item that feeds an stty command to the terminal,
> next to the current Reset menu item. It could be called "Fix delete
> key" or something. Then there is a single thing I can click, and it
> only has a temporary effect. Still somewhat confusing, but not as bad.

This is not only horrible hack, it is a recipe for disasster and
broken at so many levels.  

Lets picture I am in an text-based application that responds to
keystrokes (mc, informix, oracle text uis, slrn, etc) and I select
"Fix delete key".  

Now I am streaming `stty erase ^h' down the connection, s might mean
`select', and `t' might mean `transfer files'.  What a disaster.


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