Re: Reprise of the panel layout proposal

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> A bit tangent to the topic:
> People should read what gnome-session does when
> --failsafe is passed.
> And not, I am not saying that user should know it,
> but that GNOME
> should take advantage of that feature (currently it
> seems to be
> ignored), so when user logs in, he can get a basic
> config back if he
> wants to.

The failsafe option is a good solution for when things
actually go wrong with ~/.gnome/session (file
corruption, permissions screw-up, whatnot). However,
the problem being addressed is how to keep the user's
own ignorance of the GUI from getting to the point
where he or she seems stuck. Such a user might not
know how to trigger the failsafe option, even if there
is a easy GUI way of accessing it. Better to keep the
user from screwing up in the first place. Thristian's
more fine-grained scheme minimizes the number of core
things that can't be removed, so even advanced users
should be happy and may not even notice what isn't


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