RE: Reprise of the panel layout proposal

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> --- Jared White <jwhite sonic net> wrote:
> > How about making the main menu, running tasks menu,
> > and the workspace pager
> > into tabs?
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> > Is this too far out or does anyone else
> > like the idea? I can do
> > a simple graphical mockup if anyone's interested.
> I'd say it would be a good idea to make a mockup in
> any case because it's hard to see what you mean from
> just your words. Go for it.

OK, here are a couple images illustrating what I mean. It's nothing very
graphically fancy, but I hope you all get the idea. These tabs could either
drop-down upon being clicked, or maybe drop-down with half-second
click-hold. Dragging a tab would move the tab left and right along the top
edge of the screen, so people could position the tabs wherever they like. I
don't know about an "auto hide" type of thing for the tabs, but I suppose
something could be worked out.

I took the liberty, James, of breaking up your "Main Menu" into a "Programs"
tab and a "System" tab. The Programs drawer could contain regular program
shortcuts as expected, while the System drawer could contain shortcuts to
the Control Center, important system-wide utilities, and commands to log
off, restart, etc. The Running Tasks tab would work like how you described.
And the bottom bar basically just contains launchers, a workspace switcher,
and the time. The arrow on the right side would slide the bar out of the
way, which I think is pretty straight-forward.

Anyway, here's the address for the image links:

Thanks, let me know what you all think.

Take care,


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