Re: Proposal for default panel layout w/ some modifications to thepanel

--- Ben Ford <ben kalifornia com> wrote:

> Lets say, I set my MOM up with a gnome desktop
> running Nautilus.  She 
> complains that Nautilus makes it too slow and can we
> go back to that 
> thingie we had before (gmc).
> I explain, sure, but then you won't be able to see
> image previews and 
> play music with it.  So now she wants both, gmc for
> day to day, and 
> Nautilus when she wants to use those features.
> Now what you are saying is that she has to be an
> ADVANCED user for 
> Nautilus to not draw the desktop???  A little hint
> for you, she's barely 
> a beginner!  User levels, at least as proposed by
> everybody here DON'T WORK!

There is a big problem with your example. You
*instructed* and probably *showed* your mother how to
switch between Nautilus and gmc. The goal of making
the GNOME GUI usable even if no one is around to
instruct the user right at that minute. Sysadmins may
be busy or at meetings, or handling somebody else's
problem, and the friendly neighborhood computer
tinker|nerd|guru may not be available for advice at
the moment, so in that meantime the user should be
able to do useful work with the GUI. In the example,
you were available to instruct your mother. You were,
in effect, the sysadmin.

User levels are designed to reflect the knowledge and
experience of the user on his or her own, not the user
and sysadmin together.


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