Re: Proposal for default panel layout w/ some modifications to the panel

--- "Guillermo S. Romero / Familia Romero"
<famrom infernal-iceberg com> wrote:
> jjramsey_6x9eq42 yahoo com (2001-06-12 at 2242.39
> -0700):
> > It
> > also would not be removable (except perhaps by
> > advanced
> > users?).
> If you force that, some people will not be happy.
> > it back without help. By making this panel
> > non-removable, the
> > user is not faced with such a problem.
> Again, what is the problem with users changing
> things?

It depends on what the user is changing and how 
critical it is. If a user makes a change that appears
to cripple the desktop and doesn't know how to undo
change, he or she is going to be frustrated. If the 
menu panel is removed by "accident" or by a user 
futzing around, and he or she can't figure out how
to get it back, then that means that the desktop can't

be used to launch apps (except those on the panel with

buttons, assuming that panel hasn't been removed)
the sysadmin comes, or the user searches a FAQ, or has

an AHA! on his or her lunch break. If the pager panel 
is removed and the user can't get it back, then he or
she loses the ability to navigate workspaces until the
sysadmin comes, etc. etc.

By contrast, notice that the panel I proposed 
containing the buttons and applets *is* removable, 
because the worst-case scenario is that the user will
have to use the main menu on the menu panel to launch
programs. The basic functionality is left intact even 
if this panel is removed.

> Showing how things work, what they can do, etc, etc,
> is fine. But the
> "I know what you want and you can not rid off this"
> is not what I
> would call nice approach, 

I'm not so sure this approach is all that not "nice". 
Users unfamiliar with GNOME or with computers in 
general may *like* the fact that they can futz around 
without being easily able to make seemingly fatal 
mistakes. Also, if user levels are implemented 
throughout GNOME, then advanced users could set
like "Make menu panel removable" or "Make pager 
removable" and be done with it.

Bear in mind the target audience of GNOME--end users. 
End users may not be dummies, but they may be 
unfamiliar with computers and likely to make mistakes
that seem trivial to us but are confusing to them. 
Remember that some CDE users have gotten confused
things that we take for granted, like multiple 
workspaces. This is why the GNOME GUI and usability
mailing lists *exist*.


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