VERY cool UI fix (long but hopefully interesting)

OK, I know that this is a windows thing, but PLEASE go here and try this
if you have a windows boxen:

Essentially, it is a really cool little fix that makes windows more
compliant with Fitt's Law.  Fitt's Law (in a nutshell) says that the
easiest thing to hit is something that is big and close.  What is the
closest thing on a screen?  The edge, because you don't have to slow down
or navigate to hit it;  you just throw your mouse to the edge, and you
have hit it.  This little program uses the edge as a forward and back
button (more below).

One of the reasons the Macintosh menu bar is so cool is because the menu
items rest on the edge of the screen, so each member of the menu is
'infinitely big'.  It is SOOOO much easier and faster (up to 5x as fast)
to hit a Mac menu item than a Windows or Gnome-style menu item because
instead of having to negotiate and aim the mouse at a particular point,
the Mac menu item is on the edge of the screen.

One of the problems that Windows (and Gnome) has is that it does NOT use
the edge for any useful purpose.  Helix menu items (favourites, programs,
etc) are just a few pixels away from the edge, essentially ruining, by
just a few pixels, a great interface design.  Items on the Gnome Taskbar
are similar:  they are just a few pixels away from the edge.

Windows has the same problem:  they INTENTIONALLY keep things from the
edge, even though it is better interface design.  Why?????

The little program fixes that by not allowing the mouse to hit the bottom
3 pixels of the screen, essentially allowing the taskbar to follow Fitt's
Law.  Also, it allows one to use the right edge of the screen as a
FORWARD button and the left edge of the screen as a BACK button in
Internet Explorer.  After having used it, it is TONS faster and easier on
the hand to use this method for FORWARD and BACK.

Why is this good?  First, use it.  VERY nice feel!  It is so much faster
to simply move the mouse to any part of the edge of the screen rather than
hitting the bck button.

MY SUGGESTION (finally):  We could use the edge of the screen as
user-defined hot key.  Imagine being able to define the ledt edge of the
screen for things you use often, like copying or pasting, or navigation,
or ANYTHING.  Any unused edge could be a quick way for people to do their
work instead of it sitting there.

Obviously, this should be USER defined and optional, but it would be
really cool to be able to have any given edge be useful for something.

As far as coding goes, it would require simply that hitting the edge with
the mouse would mean triggering an event:  maybe even mapping it to a
keypress, which would then do some action.  I think the code should
already be there, because of edge flipping;  But instead of edge flipping
automatically being used to switch virtual windows, it could be trapped
for a user-defined function.

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