Re: Scrollbar buttons (suggestion)

On Thu, Jan 04, 2001 at 06:36:49PM -0500, Liam Quin did utter:
> > the 'KDE Default' Qt widget style solves this by adding another button
> > on the same end of the scrollbar.
> I think the NeXT did this too.

Next also utilised two mouse buttons for different effects. left-mouse on an
arrow would move the display in small increments (pixels, lines of text,
whatever), while right-mouse would move in full pages. 

This, I think, is an interesting point when it comes to themes. Everyone
focuses on the "look" of a theme. I think the "feel" is much more
interesting - and it's the feel that makes or breaks a UI imho. 

> Another approach tried in the past is putting the arrows on the part of
> the scrollbar that moves. Then you generally want the UI to move the mouse
> pointer as the scrollbar moves, while you scroll; some people dislike this.

I like it, but see the disadvantages. ie, the buttons aren't in a consistent
position at all times... Good to be possible, even if not the default ;)

> >   Also have a look at gv, it uses the middle button to scroll/drag anywhere
> > in the scrollable lists/views. As the middle button is  mostly unused
> > in GNOME appliactions, it would be very nice to have this.

I think that's based on the Athena style of 3-button mousing? One button for
up, one for down, and middle for direct positioning. Your mouse position
along the scrollbar determines by how much it scrolls. 
...kind of like vi - very powerfull without looking like it can do anything,
and horrible to learn.

> For a long time user interfaces have been stuck in a rut of trying not
> to confuse Windows users.  I think that's a mistake.  But changes need
> to show clear advantages, too.

This is where things like the NeXT rightclick on a button to move a page is
good design. The windows style left-click behaviour remains unchanged - but
usefull added functionality is added in for no extra confusion :)

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