RE: Running vs starting apps [rambled to: global shortcuts]

I'm okay with Gconf except for one thing that was alarming to me - it'll be 
like a Windows registry!  I do not have much experience programming on 
Linux but as a Windows programmer, I 99% of the time use .ini files for my 
configuration because it's faster!  A registry tends to be big bulky and 
incredibly and irritably slow on systems that are actually used (not 
Microsoft prototypes).  I just thought I'd throw that into the list for 
possible discussion.

- dave
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On Tue, 28 Nov 2000 07:02:17 delmar watkins wrote:
> Would it be possible to trap the commands, such as  copy,
> paste, save, etc. so
> that if one does the above trick, it then becomes a global
> hotkey for ALL
> similar commands in gnome?

Hmmm, what you are describing sounds like a perfect fit
for GConf - there could be a standard set of hotkey "keys"
used by applications. when a user changes one of those
"global" hotkey settings, all interested GNOME apps would
be notified of the change.  (This woud however involve
adding code to all existing GNOME apps).

I guess one could even have a GNOME-wide "hotkey profiles"
capplet - with settings like "windoze", "macintoy", "be-loss",
etc, and the ability to customise from there... That would be
neat-o  :-)


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