Re: A Proposal For The Addition Of Color-Reactiveness To The GNOME Desktop

Miroslav Silovic <> writes:

> 1) WM hints: Application should be able to send its status to WM as one
>    of the extra hints.

Couldn't this be done like

	- application request a corba component called, say, event_logger
	- application registers events like
		ev_log->register_event(BUSY,"Dowloading file")
		ev_log->register_event(ERROR, "Network unreachable")
		(The string could, eg. let you click on a beacon to know 
		 the reason for the error or other status, or put it in
		 a log file or whatever)
	- WM (or other applications, for that matter) requests a
	  component which lets them inspect the status of event_loggers
	  and do the appropriate thing, like displaying a beacon in the
	  frame decorations, or display a table of all apps and
	  statuses, or whatever.

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