Color Reactor stuff

Hi all,

I'm not sure where ya'all were with the color reactor stuff, as i only just
joined the mailing list, but after reading about the color reactor stuff the
other day, I thought it seemed like a really good idea (problems aside wrt
color blindness etc)

The url for the demo applet is:

I had some spare time on the weekend, so I kind of made up a java
demonstration of the color reactor concept... Its not really anything
special, but it helped to visualize the whole idea. After a small
implementation, I really think the concept has potential. My only suggestions
are a) it should not be compulsory, although it should be encouraged for
appropriate apps. b) there should be a central thread which does all of the
updating. This thread would read from a central config file so the behaviour
would be consistent across all apps.

As I mention on the page above, the way I did it in java was to have a
single thread which applets/apps/whwatever would register with as a reactor.
The updater thread then polls each item which has registered with it every
(x) milliseconds. The item returns some value describing its current state.
The updater thread then computes whether a state change has occurred and
changes the cycle for that item's image. Or else it proceeds to update the
item's indicator image. The ini file allows for cycles of an arbitraty length.

As i said before, I simply made the applet to help me visualise what this
'reactor' lamp would be doing etc and how it could be applied and
implemented so dont expect too much. I'm just letting y'all know in case you
wanted to take a look.

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