Re: A Proposal For The Addition Of Color-Reactiveness To The GNOME Desktop

> not a good idea.. program (app) design revolves aroudn the blocok
> evenmt queue in most cases.. often an app will sit and simply wait till
> somehting happens it isn't dead - its perfectly alive.. tis just quite
> bored and waiting.. :) thsi is the "idle" state.. if an app u expect to
> do somehting sits in an idle state you cna safely assoume its havign a
> bad day.. apps that segfcault normally will exit immediately anyway..
> if there is an error I have provided 2 error levels in the app states
> for an app to, if whilst doign an operation anr error occurs (eg out of
> disk space, network error, packet retransmission needed etc.).

Ahh, good point. I agree, its a good idea to include -several- error
states for that purpose. Good call.


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