Re: gnome-stock pixmaps

On Fri, 1 May 1998, robert havoc pennington wrote:

> If you need help, you probably don't know to right-click. Thus the visible
> help button.
> Do you have any specific suggestions, or is this a totally unconstructive
> flame? 
> Gnome is quite small and fast; especially if you disable debugging in
> all the libraries. 

The problem is that you have to learn the user some standard way of
getting help every where, right clicking is a pretty good way to hide
information from the user, but in the sameway make it easly avaiable.
That's my suggestion.

But if you strip all execs in gnome you won't have as much fun. Sadly this
is true, since apps still crash unprovoked. To find those bugs is very
hard with stripped execs 

> By the way, there is nothing about ee's UI which makes it
> smaller/slimmer/faster than any other Gnome app's UI. The difference is
> purely cosmetic.

This is probably something I got from when I was using the Amiga, people
had their UIs designed in Alpha stage. Cosmetic things really ads to the
feeling, Ex. people liked WinAmp in the begining.

I'm sorry if I hurt anybody, but some applications really look like a
ported 3.11 application. It's the strange extensive use of images, that
does it.
Erik Johansson, one of those sloppy students
A big QNX, Linux/x86/m68k Amiga and BeOS fan

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