Re: Detachable menubar idea

I still really don't understand the point of these floating menu bars.
I've seen them in KDE and now in GNOME.  I didn't understand their usage
in Windows 95/NT and i certainly don't claim to know any better.  So far
as I see it, the menu bars can only dock at their original location.  At
least in Windows you could dock them on the side or on the bottom, if just
for entertainment value (yes, my life is *very* boring) 

I think what would be really cool and highly functional would be a way for
the menubars (and toolbars) to dock at arbitrary dock points, even in apps
apart from themselves.  Such an arbitrary point could be the panel.  

This way, we begin the creation of customized workspaces.  All you do, is
launch the apps, dock the bars into the panel to create your own "custom
app" so to speak, and begin working.  

Then, I picture, we start seeing things in a document centric fashion.....
but one idea at a time..

Put more tersely, I like the idea.

No, really, I'm good for nothing.

On Thu, 30 Apr 1998, Ben 'The Con Man' Kahn wrote:

> On Thu, 30 Apr 1998 wrote:
> > how would anyone feel about being able to drag a gnome menubar to the top
> > (or bottom) of the screen, and having the WM attach it the way MacOS does?
> > is this possible?
> 	We could probably make this a part of the panel functionality.
> (The panel does this with itself.)  This would make our system very much
> like NeXT.  But we're talking about menus, not menubars.  Also, how is
> this an improvement?  It seems like the same as leaving the menu in the
> menubar in the first place...  Or am I missing something?
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