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This originated on the gnome-list but it seemed more logical to take it

On Fri, Jul 31, 1998 at 10:43:04AM +0000, Mikael Hermansson wrote:
> I download a SNAP of the gnome panel today (SNAP-980830)
> And I found the Add/Menu/drawer funtions in the panelmenu....
> The idea is good but the buttons on the menus looks not that good...
> How about to replace this buttons with small icons for add/menu/drawer?
> I dont know how this icons should look but I think it will look mush
> better than the buttons...
> Any graphic designers out there have any ideas :-)

Would probably be a good idea.. I think.

It is maybe (for as far as it wasn't thought of) a good idea to include in
the style guide a number of standard icons for certain things/concepts
(adding something, deleting something, go back (next item), go forward
(previous item) things like that). With as result that including a certain
style guide compliant icon in a icon in your app may give a
consistent/gnomish look and make it easier for the user to perceive the
intended result of pushing the icon.

For instance one could use a pictogram of a cross to depict deleting
something. The creator of for instance a mailprogram could then combine the
standard icon with the pictogram of a message to indicate the delete
message action. (It's also a big help for graphical nitwits like me ;) who
are utterly lousy at making good looking icons =) )

If you'd take this further one could make a standard library of icons for
the most common GNOME concepts and of course the standard computing
concepts (connection/mail message/attachment/window manager/<lots more>).
By combining these icons in new ones one could probably improve the
consistent look and feel of the 'GNOME-experience'.

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