Re: GNOME IRC Conference Timezone Info

>I really hope that you are not trying to be rude on purpose.
>We had no problem finding out about the time zone.
>The time :: 3-6h am on Monday morning (depending on location),
>is the problem.

Speak for yourself.  Obviously a number of people(guess what, we had pretty
major coverage of this IRC meeting announcement) DIDN'T have the time to do
the conversion themselves and Bowie was dealing with them.

The time *DOES* suck, but the announcements are already out and it's not
right to change at this point.

>You sound like an adult speaking to a (supposed to be) stupid child
>(and as so often in these cases the adult has no clue where the problem

>We will check your GUI proposals, when you have any.
>Lets hope the quality exceeds your diplomtic abilities.

Please, please, please folks, lets not make this a warzone.  It's always
going to be 3AM somewhere--tis the nature of Time On Earth.

Jeez.  You act like Bowie's some schmuck who never talks and never
contributes.  Has he been wrong at times?  Heck yeah, so have you, so have
I, so has Tom.  You go ahead and flame if you want, but I'd rather see

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