Re: GNOME IRC Conference Timezone Info

>First of all, sorry to our European friends -- I completely forgot to make
>any mention of what time the Style Guide Conference on Sunday will be
>held, in terms of GMT. :) 

>However, all is not lost. :) Just go to Yahoo, and type in a keyword of
>"timezone" to search for. A list will pop up, giving you a webpage or two
>that will do Timezone Conversion for you online.

>Hope to see you there,

I really hope that you are not trying to be rude on purpose.
We had no problem finding out about the time zone.
The time :: 3-6h am on Monday morning (depending on location),
is the problem.

You sound like an adult speaking to a (supposed to be) stupid child
(and as so often in these cases the adult has no clue where the problem is).

We will check your GUI proposals, when you have any.
Lets hope the quality exceeds your diplomtic abilities.


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