Re: interactive style guide

Allo, Oskar!

> I'm not really keeping up with this mailing list, so I might've missed
> something. But...
> It would be nice if the next official Gnome Style Guide was somewhat
> interactive, with more than just statements like "this is right" and "this
> is wrong". For each item or statement, there should be some background as
> well as information on WHY the rule exists. People who don't like or agree
> with that statement, and have a good reason not to, should be able to post
> their comment. Everyone should be able to read the comments.

You'll be happy to know that this has been my intent since day one.. To
not only outline the concepts given in the Guide, but to also have a "Why
does it have to be this way?" section for each, as well. I believe if you
cant justify it, you shouldnt include it in the first place. :)

> The Style Guide should be a constantly evolving and updated project. A
> repository for new ideas (we've seen many of them - the lightbulb widget,
> document-based interface, etc) would be nice too.

Absolutely -- Many of which will be addressed in the public forum,
following the Questionairre section of the Conference on sunday.

> If there's not anyone else who wants to launch the project (or already has),
> I'd volunteer to set up a page and do some CGI coding for the interactive
> stuff. (Unfortunately, I don't have any CGI-able web account.)
> Oskar Liljeblad (

Please do! This is exactly the kinda stuff we need as production of the
guide is ramped up.

Your loveable interface nazi,

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