Re: The Help Menu

>[About doesn't really have anything to do with Help, so doesn't belong
there--put it in a gnomeprint]

Besides the Aquinas logic I spoke of earlier(only change something when the
gains exceed those of merely changing), in the modern Internet Age, About
*IS* help.  The about box tells you the version of the application as well
as possibly provides links to the project home page and/or author email.  If
we want to remove the modality from the "about" context, we could take
everything that normally goes into "about" and just shove it into the menu,
but that would exclude bitmaps and other personal things as well as prevent
much creative freedom.  It's one of those things developers would ignore.
So, I guess the structure I'd advocate would be:

Browse Documentation...
[            ]  Search Documentation*...
Email Author...
Go To Project Web Page...
[            ]  Search Linux Infobase...

Yes, that's a text input widget inserted right into the menu...the idea is,
if you leave it blank you go straight to the advanced functionality screen
while the basic results menu you get if you type something in would give you
a link to the advanced functionality section.


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