Re: [failure notice]

first question: anyone else interested in this thing? I'd like to take it
off the list because it doesn't have much to do with gnome gui issues.

> > > anyone else interested in this thing?
> > > 
> > 
> > Of course, I am! I think the root window placement is the perfect place
> > for it (I was thinking that from the beginning).


> > Keep in mind, that it's
> > current incarnation is only good at thought organization.  It would
> > require some changes to both avoid patent infringement, and to make it
> > more usable as a file browser on steroids.

actually, the basic concept isn't new and I don't think it can be patent
protected. I've read about it first a couple of years ago, in that context
it was called "mind mapping" and was a way to write down notes during a
seminar or workshop.

> > The current version is a good
> > start.  When I was fleshing out my ideas, I was thinking in terms of Star
> > Trek (Calling the "plex" a NaviCom and the work area a TactiCom).  If you
> > want a copy of my brain, I can send it to you.  You can't alter it, and
> > I can't remove the irrelevant parts of it (my trial version expired).

I haven't yet installed the thing (worked far too long today), but yes, send
it to me and I'll have a look, just for curiosity.

is the manual worth the 3 mb download?

The universe does not have laws -- it has habits, and habits can be broken.

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