The concept of "Gnomeishness" :)

> Talking about details - why not have the sections on the universal stuff
> (it seems like an acceptable way to do it) and in the details on the
> universal stuff (menus, buttons, placements...) explain what makes them
> gnomish.  The basic ideas would be there for any UI, but we wouldn't
> have to be jumping around to see what makes them different.  Then have
> another section which covers purely Gnome stuff (pie menus, session
> management, help, panel applets...) maybe with a bent on what makes them
> universal (for symmetry!)  Then everything would be permiated with a
> gnome flavor (kinda like chicken?)

First of all, welcome to the list, James. :) Just fan the leftover smoke
out of your way as you enter. :)

Kinda like chicken, indeed -- Thats what I'd like to shoot for. I think
that would be preferable to having a design where portions of GNOME looked
generic, and were set apart from aspects which are -distinctly- GNOME. The
whole thing should have an even flavor, as you suggest. :)


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