Re: Style: Universal vs. GNOME-specific

> In order to retain the coherence and consistancy of the desigm, its
> important that things appear to be "Gnomeish" across the board -- Not
> just in the details. Its a touchy area -- and such things really only
> manifest themselves in the details. The same goes for visual consistancy.
> Its vastly important, but somehwta intangible - Its only after youve used
> an interface which lacks it, do you realize just how important it is.

I'm new to all this;) so I'll just jump in for a minute before getting

Talking about details - why not have the sections on the universal stuff
(it seems like an acceptable way to do it) and in the details on the
universal stuff (menus, buttons, placements...) explain what makes them
gnomish.  The basic ideas would be there for any UI, but we wouldn't
have to be jumping around to see what makes them different.  Then have
another section which covers purely Gnome stuff (pie menus, session
management, help, panel applets...) maybe with a bent on what makes them
universal (for symmetry!)  Then everything would be permiated with a
gnome flavor (kinda like chicken?)

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