Re: The relationship between Desktop and Panel

Dan Kaminsky wrote:

> >> 2)  *All* entries on the gnomeprint should have a checkbox besides them.
> If
> >> you check it, it does the same thing as dragging the item from the
> >> gnomeprint to the panel should do:  Adds that icon or folder to the
> panel.
> >>
> >Checkmarks indicate something has been "OK'ed"... Use them appropriately,
> >not liberally.
> "OK, put this on the panel."
> I see your point, though.
> [Example of how putting checkboxes everywhere ends up OK for new users but
> is just ugly and distracting all around]
> What about giving the selected gnomeprint menu item an "enpanel/depanel"
> button, or a checkmark, and then italicizing/underlining any entry that's
> existing on the panel?  Would that self-document sufficiently while
> preventing the admittedly high level of repetitive ugliness you refer to?

i'm trying to think of a way that this can be selected on a
per-application basis directly from the root menu without making it
ugly, but i'm not coming up with anything. i think the sufficiently
discoverable "hmm, wonder what's in this 'panel' menu? oh, gee, it says
'add to panel' here... wow! i can add any of my root menu apps to my
panel!" chain of thought is probably still the best.

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