Re: Start Menu vs. Panel

Berin Loritsch <> wrote:
> What I like (this would be in addition to, not instead of MC) would be
> based on "The Brain" by Natrificial Software.  You can check out the
> web page at to see what I mean.  It is Windows
> software, but it is an example of how an alternate user interface can
> just feel right.  

I have just taken a good look into that and it looks really cool. I dl a
copy in the background right now and will look at it to find out what it
really is all about.

if this works as good as it promises, it would be a cool idea for a gnome
project. my suggestion (wild idea of the moment) would to use this app
in the ROOT window. with a button somewhere on the panel to hide all windows.
that way it would always be there in the background, not as on the screenshots
where it takes away half the screen space.

anyone else interested in this thing?

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