Re: To answer your question about the upcoming Style-Guide...

>I haven't done that test. I need fresh victims first.
>however, if there are, say, four folders labeled "system", "apps", "games"
>and "internet", I honestly believe people WILL start to wonder how they can
>put their apps where they want, and the next step will be the question
>can I create a quake folder?".

I'm beginning to agree.

>true. but that doesn't touch the problem of one start button or several
>folders, does it?

Maybe there should be an "expand folder" button, that would expand a folder
on the panel into its constituent folders in some kind of semi-efficient

>> There is definite value to non-gnomeprint symlinks and drawers on the
>> But, for newbies, there should probably be few symlinks(only the critical
>> apps everyone uses) and no drawers("so all I have is games and networking
>> apps?  where are my word processors?", extend for every single category).
>> A recent drawer would be a very good thing.
>we are talking about a default configuration, true? I think the default
>config should show the possibilities OR THEY WILL BE MISSED. that is all
>there is to my point, but I consider it important enough to argue a lot
>about it. :)

I don't think the default config should show all possibilities at all
times...which ones get deprecated?  hurm

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