Re: To answer your question about the upcoming Style-Guide...

>> That being said, there should be samples pre-existing on the toolbar, for
>> the specific reason that there are certain apps which benefit from being
>> quickly accessable.
>call it samples then, I don't mind. :)
>I just want them there for those reasons I have quoted several times now. I
>believe I have a strong point here or I wouldn't argue that much. I also
>have not yet heard a good argument AGAINST - and yours especially is a
>different proposal to the same end, but not an argument contrary to mine,
>am I missing the point?

The argument against panel booters is we don't *want* the user to load all
of his or her apps by panel in the same way and for the same reason we don't
want the user to rely on the desktop to put his or her various junk.  Users
do it because it's *EASY*, but they make such a mess and then blame us for
it.  By the same token, panel app loading can be made very easy, but it's
really only appropriate for very few applications, and even then the icons
should be at least *possibly* smaller.

My desktop right *now* is a mess, because it's easy and it works.  Ideally,
it should be just as easy to use a paradigm that isn't as messy, or even
close to.

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