Re: To answer your question about the upcoming Style-Guide...

>> Why is it the worst ever?  Because of the mucked up Programs menu default
>> categorizer?
>it's my personal opinion. I don't usually put imho's anywhere because what
>else should I express, so this one is really a subjective view.

We're in the business of objectifying the subjective, at least when it comes
to UIs.  You can't just call something "the worst" without justifying it in
psychological terms.

>> Did users not understand the concept of app categories inside of the
>> gnomeprint?
>they didn't understand that it's any different from windoze. none of my
>"victims" even got the IDEA that one could customize it. for example,
>even TRIED to right-click on the panel.

And you think they  Just because of windows they didn't
right-click?  No.  Users *fear* the unknown, they didn't right-click because
they had never been told or showed that it did anything interesting or
useful.  You wouldn't BELIEVE how many people are afraid of crashing their
systems if they click wrong; this is a BIG marketing bludgeon against

As a note--notice how KDE and Gnome(w/ appropriate WM) are the interfaces
considered to have a chance with mothers  Note that it ISN'T afterstep.

>I don't mind if in the end it shows that 62.5% of people prefer a single
>menu folder. as long as they did the conscious decision to make it that way
>and knew that they could have it differently. I fear that with the current
>default config 62.5% of the people will not KNOW the true power.

The only way to fix this is to make screenplays pervasive, and to make the
interface as self-documenting as possible.

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