Re: Re: To answer your question about the upcoming Style-Guide...

On Fri, 24 Jul 1998, Dan Kaminsky wrote:

> > Of course, Word tried this.  They had a small LAMP icon which
> >turned yellow when you hit a feature you might be confused about.  

> > They got rid of this in later versions...  I wonder why?
> Of course, they went onto the Office assistant, which just bothered the
> user.
> I have a *possible* idea.  It'd increase the space taken up by LyX's
> toolbar, but what about a mini CLI window that would spit out error messages
> and the like from the applications?  Kinda like a stderr box.  If you hit
> space twice, a line would pop up with a hyperlink on "Situations that
> require additional space between letters", which would give you a
> hyperlinked index of links to say "Generating a numeric list"  "Aligning
> text along a vertical line" etc.
> Maybe this stderr window should be part of the Gnome toolbar?  Hurmmmmmmmm.

This is my first posting to this list but I have to say, this stderr 
window is a brilliant idea.  Maybe as a piece of the tool bar, maybe as a 
xconsole-ish window.  

It is good because it could be nicely context sensitive, provide quick 
information about the behaviour exhibited by the app and the hypertext 
links would facilitate a speedy learning curve for Gnome apps.  

It also continues a tradition of free software of providing 
relatively *useful* error messages, as opposed to the Blue Screen of 
Death style favoured by the other guys.

Thats my two cents.

Jeff Muller

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