Re: To answer your question about the upcoming Style-Guide...

> Of course, Word tried this.  They had a small LAMP icon which
>turned yellow when you hit a feature you might be confused about.  If you
>didn't click it, it eventually went white again.  Clicking on it, brought
>up something that looked like a toolbar, but with a two line help.  You
>could also leave that toolbar up and you wouldn't have to click the lamp.
> They got rid of this in later versions...  I wonder why?

Of course, they went onto the Office assistant, which just bothered the

Hurm, so we can't have a Help Lamp(don't work), can't have an Office
Assistant(REALLY don't work) the heck are we going to express to the
user that hitting space twice isn't going to work like it does in Word...

I have a *possible* idea.  It'd increase the space taken up by LyX's
toolbar, but what about a mini CLI window that would spit out error messages
and the like from the applications?  Kinda like a stderr box.  If you hit
space twice, a line would pop up with a hyperlink on "Situations that
require additional space between letters", which would give you a
hyperlinked index of links to say "Generating a numeric list"  "Aligning
text along a vertical line" etc.

Maybe this stderr window should be part of the Gnome toolbar?  Hurmmmmmmmm.

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