Re: To answer your question about the upcoming Style-Guide...

>> >plus if they were any smaller they would be hard to hit with the mouse
>> Uh?  You kidding?  If they were any bigger they'd be hard to miss.  :-)
>> Seriously, small icons in Win32 are 16x16 pixels and they're completely
>> clickable.  It's not hard to select lines of text, and they're about this
>> size if not smaller.  Almost everything you've said is valid, but not
>it does require more concentration  to hit a small button ... it is very
>easy to hit a 48x48 button ... and I for one like it that way ...
>plus since I'm writing th epanel .. that's the way it will most likely end
>up:) ...

Well, you *really* should consider letting the user make this choice, not

Anybody around here know about zoomdown complexities?  I've been mucking
around with this as of late.  What I've figured out is Bilinear downfilters
end up pretty good and don't require too much CPU power, and that a 2 pixel
blur/pick every nth pixel/2 pixel sharpen is also pretty effective.  The
question is, in the optimized case, which solution takes less CPU?

>really if the buttons were smaller, what would happen if you put a
>cd player in there ... you'd have a wide bar with a bunch of small buttons
>on it

User's choice.  Actually, the icons can be small while the bar is still
tall, you just have to allow two 24x24 buttons to stack..."yeah, just"

>> >that's why there are all those ways to hide the panels out of the way
>> Hurm.  I think the need to hide something shows a flaw in design...
>nope .. I don't see why it should be smaller ... I want to start apps
>fast ... a bunch of small icons would not do too good

I don't know about that.  Do you think so little of small icons that you
don't even think the user should be able to use them?

>> >ummm .. I don't really know what you mean here ... if I have a corner
>> >applet on the top .. I can still use the rest of that side for extra
>> >for smaller windows ... it would only be "wasted" had I used only one
>> >app at a time, maximized over the screen .. and even then ... I can just
>> >put the app over the panel ...
>> Bleagh.  If I'm gonna go to all the trouble of having a panel set up, it
>> should remain topped.  Not to mention, finding smaller windows to really
>> in there doesn't work wonderfully.  You just end up with tons of
>> which GUIs really need to start learning how to gracefully eliminate.
>find it nice enough ... I have two larger xterms open usually, one in the
>upper left and one on the lower right ...

To each their own, I guess.  We need to do some usability testing.  Another
reason why the screenplay app is nice...we can watch users try to use our
interface from afar...

>yup .. and most likely other distros will follow suit soon after .. I know
>at least stampede wants to install both ... and except for people like
>caldera and suse (who have invested in KDE already) ... I think most
>will use it

Caldera and Redhat disagreeing on GUIs?  Interesting.

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