Re: To answer your question about the upcoming Style-Guide...

> This list is becoming too high traffic.  ;^)

Perhaps:-)  But we've been hashing out some reasonably high quality
interface suggestions, no?

>  However, as the
>originator of the Hall of Shame link, I'd like to point a few things out.
>(1) They have been up for a long time now.  Before Microsoft bashing came
>into season.
>(2) They aren't saying that ALL Microsoft interfaces are bad.  In fact, if
>you look at the Hall of FAME, they LOVE most of the stuff.  They don't
>like MS software when it doesn't conform to their own style guides, or
>violates some rules of GUI design.  They aren't saying MS is evil of

I take back any claim that the Hall of Fame/Shame is a blind Microsoft
basher.  It was inappropriate and wrong.  However, I do think that  the
shame portion implies that Microsoft doesn't have any entries in the fame
portion, and that most Java apps, web sites, and indeed X apps would be shot
down harsher by the Hall of Shame than anything of Microsoft's were they

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