Re: Self Documenting Interfaces

* "Dan Kaminsky" <
| I'm gonna take back my claim that voicing tours is preferable.  However, a
| text-annotated visual tour of a program and what it can do *IS* a good
| thing.  There's no better way to learn an app than to watch it in use,
| rewind, fast forward, etc.

Yes there is. The way that you in fact *do* the things you need to
do. If you try to learn a person how to use a program, it is always
better that you sit and explains wile she/he does the things. If you
do it she/he won't learn what to do.
Therefore it is better to have a Guided tour like this (this is a
very simple example and might not be necessary) :

To save a file:

When you are finished writing choose save file from the menu File. Now
choose where you want to store your document. [here some info of
directories could stand] (for more info see <clicable> directory) 

Now you choose which file format you want [short info on this] (more
info on fileformats) 

And then you simply press OK.

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