Oh yeah...apropos/web/tabbing in GNOME

A quick addition to that massive(where did my time go?  eek!) post I just
shot up...

The runbox(backtrack:  a command-line type object that resides either inside
of the gnomeprint or straight on the gnome bar depending on user
preferences) should have a few more things than I suggested:

1)  Webtabbing.  Type in http://www.gnome.org/screen<TAB> should download
the source code to the www.gnome.org, look for all links that contain
screen, add to tab array, then look for all links described using the word
"screen" and add to tab array, then finally links *near* the word screen.

2)  Web integration.  Yes, "? linux" should search the engine of your choice
for linux links.  Sorry, it rules :-)

3)  Man/Apropos/HOW-TO integration.  Perhaps "ht rm" or "?? rm" should bring
up a listing with descriptions of man, apropos, and HOW-TO files that
include rm.

4)  RECENT IS GOOD.  Recent apps, recent documents, recent *everything*
should be logged and available.

5)  Everything has to be both keyboard and mouse accessable :-)

6)  Is there mouse emulation for keyboard yet?  Should be built in.

One last thing...yo, GTK people, seriously, lay off on the white space.  I'm
not joking.  Really.  Seriously.  Whitespacing your apps is like double
space couriering your term papers with a teacher who knows what you're
trying to do.

I've gotten somebody willing to send me screenshots, so I'm *hoping* to get
some mockups online in the next few days.  Of course, I'm hunting for
feedback, 'specially from you Redhat Advanced Lab guys.

Oh yes, I did have one final thought.  Little bit of theory for y'all.
First, screens organize by sides.  If you have a 10x100 window on the upper
right corner of your screen, the lower 500 or 600 pixels on the right side
of your screen are quite difficult to use well, or the upper 10 pixels are
impossible to use.  That's wasted real estate.  Perhaps the greatest thing
the GNOME bar should be used for is to take all these apps that don't
require full windows and cram them into a minimal amount of space.  That'll
maximize real estate, which is always good.

Jeezuz, this was crazy.  I must have just spent three hours doing UI stuff.

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