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Date: Wednesday, July 22, 1998 1:16 PM
Subject: Re: SILC: A Better Way To Window

>On 22 Jul, Dan Kaminsky shouted:
>->  I have completed documenting SILC 0.3, the present iteration of what I
>->  believe is a far more efficient method of implementing a windowing
>->  For those who have no clue what this means, consider that while 3D
>->  are achieving triple-digit frame rates, 2D GUI's are struggling with
>->  single digit framerates.  Something is wrong, and that something is the
>->  single layered approach of present solutions.  I am looking for
>->  and perspective on the SILC proposal; it's home page is at:
>->  A mailing list for SILC has been set up at
>->  All are welcome to join.
>I don't mean to shoot it down or anything.. nice job.. but believe it
>or not X already can do this in some sense :) Enlightenment takes
>advantage of it to minimise exposes and redraws. (it's called setting
>saveunders for lclient windows - X will infcat throw out saved under
>data if it has too much save dunder data stored and only then induce
>expose events to happen).

Oh, I don't doubt that this already occurs to some degree.  It's just when
it happens at the layer of Enlightenment(as opposed to a video card driver)
there's nobody there to say "Heh wait a minute, if we have the inactive
layer saved, then it's brain dead simple to interpolate a tile's animation
from point A to point B."

I love the responses I've been getting from the 3D's either 2D is
fast enough or 2D is irrelevant...Brian Hook didn't even respond to the
concept, he just bashed my reasons for thinking it mattered :-)  'Sok, the
moment I get completed a demo of SILC, all will be good.

Is there a rapid development language for OpenGL stuff?  I'll use Mesa on a
Voodoo 1 to make a mockup of both my coming GNOME environment concept and
SILC, but if there's some package that'd make it easier on me, that'd be
nice too :-)

I need a specific set of GNOME screen shots...someone help me...

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