Re: The person in charge of authoring V2 of the Gnome Style Guide is....

[For those who do not know, Bowie is the person that designed the
now-deceased Insight Project's GUI style guide -- he told us that he
would like to re-use that work for the Gnome style guide]

>  I am, apparently. Quartic asked that I head up the project about 3 weeks
>  ago, and I accepted. I've been working quietly on the groundwork of it
>  since then.
>  Im in the process of planning a series of IRC conferences (and CGI
>  questionairres to go along with them) to help gauge the public opinion
>  regarding the overall form of the style guide. Stay tuned for that --
>  Things should start bubbling in a week or so.
>  In the meantime, i've been watching the discussion threads here on the
>  mailing lists, and examining a few ideas in closer detail.

I would like whatever work you have done to be put up for public
consumption as soon as possible.  People have been discussing quite a
bit of GUI stuff in this list, and it seems that agreements have been
made.  I would like those ideas to go into the style guide as soon as
possible so that no discussion/work is duplicated.

I don't want people to have a "complete" style guide just dumped on
them right now; I'd rather have everyone discuss the issues that need
to be resolved.


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