Re: Revisiting App Menu

On 8 Jul 1998, Preben Randhol wrote:
>  ---------------------
>  | Gnome  File  Help |
>  -|-----|-------------
>   |     --------
>   |Preferences |
>   |About       | 
>   |Exit        |
>   |------------|
> You propose something like this right? I think this is a good solution
> personally.

I see two problems:

1. New converts aren't going to know to look under the Gnome menu to exit
   the program.  I think the extra menu will throw some people off.  New
   Linux users aren't stupid, but they often are very used to doing things
   in a particular way.

2. Users may eventually wish to use programs that aren't part of Gnome.
   These programs will almost certainly continue using the "standard" menu
   layout so, if we change the Gnome layout from this standard, we will be
   causing more UI inconsistency headaches for users, which is the exact
   opposite of what we intend.  Remember, Gnome apps will run in a heter-
   ogeneuos environment; it's not realistic to believe users will only use
   Gnome applications.

Carl Thompson

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