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| The bottom line is, we want to emulate good GUI, and not bad GUI.  If we had the Gnome app menu (a graphic is intuitive if it is consistent), it would house the Quit, About..., and Configuration items (and possibly anything else that could be considered global).  If that menu item were consistent in every app, with the Quit, About..., and Configuration menu items always in that menu; that would be a learned intuitiveness.  Many of the hangups we have here are with former users of other OS's.  They each have their pluses and minuses, and their own unique way of doing things.  I think that the Gnome menu would be intuitive for new users, and a learned intuitiveness for users that immigrants (not native un*x users).

 | Gnome  File  Help |
  |     --------
  |Preferences |
  |About       | 
  |Exit        |

You propose something like this right? I think this is a good solution

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