Re: gnome key binding standard

Preben Randhol wrote:
> * "Oskar Liljeblad" <
> | My contributions to the GNOME key binding standard.
> |
> | I see little reason that the unix command key in X should be the Meta key
> | (contrary to the Mozilla UI guide). It feels kind of awkward to hit ALT+A on

Is there is a Mozzila UI guide? Where? IMNSHO using Alt for accelerators 
is a mistake (The major annoyance in UNIX netscape). Motif says that
Ctrl should be used and I patched my "" file once for this
(it cleans up a lot of Meta/Alt confusion in there if Ctrl is used
for accelerators).

> | a standard PC keyboard, and when you want to hit ALT+B you have to change
> | the position of your hand.
> Actually I like the Alt (or meta) key for menu bindings.

Alt should be used for accessign the menus (Alt+F goes to File, ...).
This needs to be implemented in gtk ASAP, together with menu navigation
(I have some alpha code for that, but can't find the time to debug it).
> | Using Ctrl as the Meta key is only a problem in tty applications. In those
> | applications you usually don't have many important menu choices, and in Meta
> | could be used if necessary. Some standard accelerators in Win32 are below.
> |
> | Ctrl+A Edit/Select All
> | Ctrl+X Edit/Cut
> | Ctrl+C Edit/Copy
> | Ctrl+V Edit/Paste
> | Ctrl+F Find
> | Ctrl+Z Edit/Undo
> | Ctrl+Y (?) Edit/Redo
> Ctrl + Y in Emacs is yank. Ctrl + W in Emacs is Cut. Would be nice to
> keep on to these IMHO.

Ctrl+W is usually used for Close (when applications can edit more
than one document - a bad idea IMHO).

> | Ctrl+H (?) Edit/Replace...
> Ctrl+R is more logical IMHO.

I agree.

... null

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