Re: gnome key binding standard

* "Oskar Liljeblad" <
| My contributions to the GNOME key binding standard.
| I see little reason that the unix command key in X should be the Meta key
| (contrary to the Mozilla UI guide). It feels kind of awkward to hit ALT+A on
| a standard PC keyboard, and when you want to hit ALT+B you have to change
| the position of your hand.

Actually I like the Alt (or meta) key for menu bindings.

| Using Ctrl as the Meta key is only a problem in tty applications. In those
| applications you usually don't have many important menu choices, and in Meta
| could be used if necessary. Some standard accelerators in Win32 are below.
| Ctrl+A Edit/Select All
| Ctrl+X Edit/Cut
| Ctrl+C Edit/Copy
| Ctrl+V Edit/Paste
| Ctrl+F Find
| Ctrl+Z Edit/Undo
| Ctrl+Y (?) Edit/Redo

Ctrl + Y in Emacs is yank. Ctrl + W in Emacs is Cut. Would be nice to
keep on to these IMHO.
| Ctrl+N File/New
| Ctrl+O File/Open
| Ctrl+G Edit/Go To...
| Ctrl+H (?) Edit/Replace...

Ctrl+R is more logical IMHO.

| Ctrl+P File/Print
| Ctrl+S File/Save
| Ctrl+Q (?) File/Exit (from Amiga)

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