Re: thinking outside the box (or, stealing the _really_ good ideas)

> > Finally, I really think the Gnome developers ought to recruit volunteers
> > from the potential new Linux users community (translated as Windows and
> > Mac users) and put them "in charge" of the look-and-feel of the UI.  If
> > they say "Gee, that widget should be over there and do xyz because that's
> > what we're comfortable with in Windows" then the Gnome developers need
> > to listen.

This would be a mistake to do -- New users dont know the full scope of
what can be made available to them as users, and therefore, don't know
what to ask for, or how to ask it. This comes with experience. I agree,
though, its a difficult paradox. The people who have the best eye for the
situation arent the best sources, and those who are seasoned veterans are
reluctant to change their habits.

> listen, yes. follow like lemmings? no.

Listen, yes. Cater to, no.

> I do not think we should copy mistakes just because people became used to
> them. we also have to think about the future. if something is really broken,
> we should try to help future users get rid of it instead of entreching it
> even further.
> I agree that people shouldn't have to relearn much. but learning a GOOD
> new interface is very easy. the problem is the "good".


> I strongly recommend anyone involved here to go out and look for the vast
> amount of information on user interfaces (good and bad) available on the
> net. also, if you happen to know professionals (screen designers and such),
> talk to them.

Coming up with a conglomerate of several different UI looks is a mistake.
Look what happened to Win95. :) I would rather Linux and Gnome have their
own individual personality -- Not a frankenstein mixture of other

> > 
> > PS: Gnome needs a default window manager.  The current situation is
> >     confusing.

Gnome needs a default standard to which "Gnome Compliant" WM's must
conform to, in order to be used.

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