Re: Icons and colors

On Mon, Jul 06, 1998 at 06:31:07PM -0400, Ben 'The Con Man' Kahn wrote:
> 	Take a look at the Windows toolbar icons.  Notice anything?  They
> only use 8 colors.  Newer MS programs use more (look at MSIE) but they
> display the buttons in just a few colors unless you mouse over them.  
> 	Why is this good?  Well, too many colors can be distracting.  The
> muted look gives the whole application a more professional feel to it.
> (Although I wouldn't say the same about MSIE.)  Gnome applications seem to
> use too many colors and look ...  well...  less so.  I'd make the same
> complaint against most visual basic applications...
> 	(The 8 colors are standard across ALL MS apps BTW.)

Let me be the first to chirp in and say "Yes but there is a reason we
don't use windows."

I hardly think that attempting to imitate windows is going to get us

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