Re: Menu Bar Style Guide writes:
> > 	  Heh.  I hate to disagree, but the Interface Hall of Shame makes a
> > very good case AGAINST a right aligned help menu.  The prime reason is
> > that newbies often miss the menu...  
> And any user remotely familiar with Windows will find it wacky to have
> the Help menu not on the right.

There's "on the right" as in "the menu to the right of all the others,
but still left-justified" which I think we all agree is good. Then
there is "on the right" as in "right-justified", or "at the very right
edge of the menu bar, apart from the other menus, which are all
left-justified", which many, many people think is bad. I am no longer
certain which one you are talking about.

 - Maciej Stachowiak

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