Re: Menu Bar Style Guide

Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> >         Heh.  I hate to disagree, but the Interface Hall of Shame makes a
> > very good case AGAINST a right aligned help menu.  The prime reason is
> > that newbies often miss the menu...
> And any user remotely familiar with Windows will find it wacky to have
> the Help menu not on the right.

"On the right"?  Do you mean the right-most menu, or
right-aligned?  I think it would definitely be wacky to have the
help menu not be the last menu, but I don't think that's under
consideration here.  As far as right/left justified, I don't
think it's that critical (and certainly not wacky).  (c:  The
Win95 user will look for it left-justified, with the other
menus.  The Win3.1 user may look for it right-justified (separate
from the other menus), but not finding it, will most likely scan
to the left, towards the other menus.  They'll know it's on the
menu bar somewhere.

Personally, I like the suggestion to left-justify it by default,
and allow the user to change it to right-justified.


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