Re: Menu Bar Style Guide

Miguel de Icaza writes:
 > >  > 2) Help menu should not be right aligned. Currently this is very
 > >  > iconsistent between current apps. Most use left aligned, but several do
 > >  > not.
 > > 
 > > Yeah, I agree there.  I continually forget about the Help menu.
 > Wait Wait Wait.
 > The Help menu goes on the right.  That is how we have been doing it
 > for ages, and if an application is not doing that, it is broken and
 > should be fixed.

Of course it is the right-most menu item.  The question is whether it
belongs with the rest of the menus where it is easy to find, or
whether it gets shoved way out into the middle of the woods where
nobody can find it?

I mean, really: if you wanted to make the help menu hard to find,
you'd put it off by itself away from the other menus, right?

But all sarcasm aside, GUI issues should be resolved by research.
Does the user have an easier time finding the help menu when it is
lost on the right-hand-side, or when it is lost among the other menus?

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